Writing for the Stage

Crime without Victim - Victim without Crime

A Shortplay in English

theatre performance in Heidelberg/Germany



The setting is somewhere in the western hemisphere. It is the present time and thus far, far away from any revolutionwith the exception of price revolutions in advertisements, of course. Two police officers are sitting in their police car, listening to the radio. They seem a little sleepy and bored. One officer is an old and experienced one with a little belly while the other is a rather young police man in excellent shape.



(in order of appearance)

Chief Inspector Douglas Shamire

Police Officer Olaf Melvin


Scottish friar Errol Giles




Late evening to early morning.


 "Fair is foul and foul is fair,
hover through the fog and filthy air!"

  (Shakespeare: Macbeth, I,1)


[1] BAC = blood alcohol concentration

[2] FST = field sobriety test

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