Crime without Victim - Victim without Crime 1

Scene One

The stage is two chairs or a bench. There is a sign saying POLICE with two blue lights above the chairs. Two police officers are seated on the chairsthey seem bored. The older one even has his eyes closed. The radio is switched on and the news is being announced.


“…and nobody knows how long these demonstrations will last. LONDON. A judge recently decided not to sentence anyone for speeding anymore. Obviously, there were a lot of complaints saying the police would just be waiting at specific places where it was easy to earn some money and not where speeding actually would interfere with traffic. A special committee is going to investigate this case. In the meantime speeding fees are not to be paid. SPORTS. It seems as if a weapon was turned and fired into the wrong direction in the Arsenal of London! Anyway, the whole team is going to be tested for doping before the next game …”


(Olaf turns off the radio).


CI Shamire:    (yawns) I’m getting too old for any night shifts. There’s not even anything to do. Did you watch any good movie in the theatre lately?

PO Melvin:     Not in the theatre! After all, I’m not going there a lot anymore. The prices are way too high―anyway, I bought a huge projector screen and a home projector some weeks ago. It’s the perfect match of getting visually and acoustically almost the same as in the theatres while you can watch on your own and comfortable sofa. I’m saving up for a professional popcorn maker right now...

CI Shamire:     Well, that really sounds amazing! How much was it all together?

PO Melvin:     It’s not too bad. You need to spend like 500£ for the equipment.

CI Shamire:     And what’s about the films? You need to buy DVDs or Blu-rays all the time. That seems expensive.

PO Melvin:     Don’t be a fool, buddy. That’s exactly what the internet is made for! You’ll find everything there for free…

CI Shamire:    (nodding in agreement) Yeah, you must show me how that works properly―I’m always on the wrong domains.

PO Melvin:     Just come around for an evening. Then I’ll show you some great domains and everything else you need to know to get yourself started…

CI Shamire:    (with a big grin) Thanks Olaf, that’s how we’ll do it.

PO Melvin:     Hey Douglas, can’t we just stop any cars? I’m a little bored…

CI Shamire:    (not as sleepy as before anymore) Let’s spice things up a little. What do you think?

PO Melvin:     (frowns) What do you mean? Spice things up?

CI Shamire:     Well Officer Olaf Melvin, what do you think about gambling?

PO Melvin:     (with a rising voice) Gambling? I’m listening. What do you have in mind?

CI Shamire:    OK Olaf. You pick a car to stop and then I’ll bet how canned the driver will be. Let’s say it shouldn’t differ more than 0.3 per mille. Additionally, I might bet if the driver is on any drugs. Ten Pounds on each bet, OK?

PO Melvin:     (wide awake) All right, sounds nice. For instance, I say we stop the red Audi, which is driving way too fast, cutting the corner. (Pointing towards the street) Then you say the driver has a BAC[1] of 1.2 per mille and he’s on smack. In effect, his BAC will be 1.4 per mille but there won’t be no drugs. I owe you 10 pounds then, is this correct?

CI Shamire:     (shaking his head) No, no, no… That would have been two bets! I’d have won the bet about the alcohol, but I’d have lost the bet about the smack. Winning 10 pounds while losing 10 makes it even, understood?


A little apart from the police car, two youngsters are showing up. They are dressed in long sleeves, their baseball caps pulled down low. They meet below the street lamp, smoking cigarettes. After handshaking, they exchange little parcels. The police are not watching. One of the youngsters leaves right away into the dark, the other one remains below the lamp, looking at his watch. For the audience, it all occurs in the front of the stage.


PO Melvin:     Well, I see. After all, it’s not spiced up properly! Let’s make it 50 pounds each bet…

CI Shamire:     (laughing out loud) Boy, I seem to like you more and more. You’ll be a great chief inspector one day…

PO Melvin:     (starts to laugh) And then the student will become the master…


Another boy dressed in black clothes and a woolen hat appears on stage. He walks over to the street lamp, shakes hands with the boy below the lamp and they also exchange parcels. After a few seconds, the boy disappears back in the dark.


PO Melvin:     So I pick the car?

CI Shamire:    Yepp, if you’d like to start. But give me a little run for my money. Just rememberStopping a Mercedes for example is an easy bet for me. There are only business men on the way around the hour. They may or may not have drunk a beer too many, but it’s almost a safe bet. On the other hand, you’ll never know who drives a VW Golf. It might be granny, coming back from visiting her granddaughter, but it might also be one of these potheads, who still need to buy a little grass for the night. It might also be a craftsman who needed to spend a little time at the pub after working, having a little buzz right now. You need to pull out one of these lucky bags to keep the thrill...

PO Melvin:     OK, I’ll give my very best...


Chief Inspector Shamire and Officer Melvin are watching the passing cars tensely for a while. Both fail to notice the third boy meeting the dark figure below the street lamp. After the exchange of parcels, the youngsters disappear in the dark.


PO Melvin:     All right, I came to a decision. Let us check the yellow VW golf over there. (showing in the direction) So what do you bet on?

CI Shamire:     (running his hand over his chin pensively). Hum, not easy... He drives way too according to any regulations! He seems to hide something. Since he doesn’t speed it can’t be due to any alcoholic reasons. After all, it doesn’t look like the driver took any amphetamines...must be some kind of a tranquilizer... I’d say... no alcohol but the drug test will change its color faster than your wallet might be emptied…  I bet it’s one of these potheads smoking cannabis all day...


The police men get out of the police car and indicate to the golf’s driver to pull over.

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