Crime without Victim - Victim without Crime 3

Scene Three

Chief Inspector Douglas Shamire and Officer Olaf Melvin are going along the main street. They are on patrol and it is very early in the morning. It still takes a little while before the sun might actually ascend. In the back of the stage, there is a street lamp, which has a fixed metal dustbin at the bottom. All of a sudden a Scottish friar named Errol Giles appears, he is wearing a brown robe and since he came running, he is short of breath now.



Friar Errol:     (with a Scottish accent, still short of breath) Thank God…I found ya! Ya need…to follow me…brothers. Please hurry!(already turning towards the direction he came from) We need to go now.

CI Shamire:     (holding on the friars shoulder) Wow, wow, wow… Hold on a second friar. What do you mean? What is wrong? Where do you want to take us?

Friar Errol:      Well, there is a girl over there. (pointing towards the direction he came from) She’s in great danger, brothers. There’re a couple of guys threatening her. Maybe they want to rape her. I don’t know! We need to go. (once again trying to go back)

CI Shamire:     Aha, you’re not sure then?

Friar Errol:      Yes, I AM sure that she’s is in great danger. I’m NOT sure in what kind of a danger… Let’s go and see.

CI Shamire:     Maybe she’s just having a beer with friendsit happens! This is how young folks are having fun nowadays…

Friar Errol:      But she seems scared! Very scared! We should go and find out. Come on… I beg you, please, officers.

CI Shamire:     Officers?! (rising his voice as if someone smells poop) Actually, I am CHIEF INSPECTOR DOUGLAS SHAMIRE! Face me with some respect little monk (and, almost inaudibly, whispering another EY-syllable)

Friar Errol:      (pretending not to have heard the last syllable) OK, I’m sorry, chief inspector. I didn’t intend to be impolite. Would you please follow me now?

CI Shamire:     (extending the syllables) That’s way better. Always remember to face the police with some respect. It’s a hard job we have to do and certainly not one anybody is able to do.

Friar Errol:      Yes, certainly chief inspector. May we go now?

CI Shamire:     Yes, you may go now and always rememberface people with respect. Have a good day.

Friar Errol:      No, no, no! WE ALL need to go. Come on, brothers. (once again pointing in the direction of where he came from)

CI Shamire:     We all need to go? Why is that?

Friar Errol:      Because of the girl! (throwing his hands up in horror)

CI Shamire:     Ah, ah, ah! (shaking his head) Because of the girl, CHIEF INSPECTOR!

Friar Errol:      OK, because of the girl, chief inspector. Can we go now…

CI Shamire:     What girl do you mean?

Friar Errol:      I already told you, chief inspector. There’s a girl in great danger!

CI Shamire:     So, you’re sure she is in danger?

Friar Errol:      (with an ironic voice) Well, she sure was when I saw her! I don’t knowmaybe she is dead already.

CI Shamire:     And how many guys were there?

Friar Errol:      I’m not sure…four, maybe five. Let’s find out.

CI Shamire:     Four or five? That’s plenty of guys…

Friar Errol:      Yeah, and she’s all alone! Come on, we need to help her…

CI Shamire:     Hum, I’m afraid but we can’t help you!

Friar Errol:      (totally shocked) What?! But you’re the police! Isn’t it part of your job to help people?

CI Shamire:     Hum, yeah it’s part of the deal, but it’s also part of the deal not to maneuver ourselves into any situations of danger.

PO Melvin:     There’s a strict order that we need to wait for reinforcements if there are too many aggressors.

Friar Errol:      Call for reinforcements then! And let’s go…

CI Shamire:     (looking at his watch) Hum, it’ll take a while at this time!

Friar Errol:      I can’t believe it! We need to go NOW…

CI Shamire:     OK, I’ll call for reinforcements and we wait until they’re here, then we go help her.


Friar Errol:      We can’t wait any longer, brothers. We need to go now.

PO Melvin:     Just wait for the reinforcements to come. In the meantime, we need to check your personal data.

Friar Errol:      There’s no time for that now. Let’s just go and do the paperwork later.

PO Melvin:     That’s not how the process works! We’ll need to wait. Let me see your ID, please.

Friar Errol:      I can’t wait any longer. Do what you need to do and I’ll do what I need to do. (preparing to leave)

CI Shamire:     You’re not going anywhere! You’ll wait with us for the reinforcements to arrive.


The Scottish friar Errol Giles doesn’t listen to the police anymore. He seems a little desperate. Then he sees the dustbin below the street lamp and directly walks towards it. With all the power God equipped him with he kicks the dustbin out of the fixation. The dustbin rattles down loudly. Police Officer Olaf Melvin and Chief Inspector Douglas Shamire look at each other in aghast. Friar Errol looks back to the police, preparing to run.


CI Shamire:     Now, you put yourself into some serious issues! Damage to property is a felony!

Friar Errol:      (already running towards the girl) So is rape.


Police Officer Olaf Melvin and Chief Inspector Douglas Shamire chase Errol. The three men are circling the stage for some rounds, pretending it was somewhere in the streets. Finally they catch up with Errol. Chief Inspector Douglas Shamire brings him down and handcuffs Errol on his back. In the corner of the stage you can see a girl lying on the ground. Several men left the moment  they eyed the police.


GIRL:             (with a very weak voice) Daddy?

CI Shamire:    O dear lord, it seems to be my own daughter! (running towards the injured girl in a great hurry, not worrying about Errol anymore)

Friar Errol:     What’s about your strict orders now?

PO Melvin:     I can’t believe that it’s his daughter…

Friar Errol:     They’re always somebody’s daughter, brother!



―The End―

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